Super Guarantee Due 28th January 2015!

Don’t forget your Super Guarantee payments for the October – December 2014 period are due 28th January 2015. No extensions given for these obligations, unlike the Business Activity Statements in which you receive that extra bit of time for lodgement. Don’t forget

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Depreciation deductions up to $6,500 still available

New Laptops

Small businesses shouldn’t forget to claim for depreciation – getting a deduction for the loss of value and wear and tear on the business’ assets.  Assets usually have to be depreciated bit by bit over several years, but special rules

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ATO knows about your ebay sales

Do you sell “stuff” on ebay?  Are you just clearing out unwanted junk at home, or are you making a business of it?  If this is your business, make sure you’re declaring all of your sales income on your tax

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Super rate increases to 9.25%

To help grow Australian workers’ savings for retirement, the compulsory super guarantee rate will gradually increase from 9% to 12%.

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